Computer Security, Smart Cards & VPN's

Virtual Private Networks are fast becoming the preferred method of access for the corporate netowrk.  Driven by the cost structure of the current direct access systems, VPN's leverage the low cost of access via Internet to provide secure virtual access to your corporate host.

The weakest link in any computer security system is authentication of personel.  We recommend scaled security levels.  As such the highest level of security requires the use of Dynamic Tokens.  Dynamic Tokens use a secret code and encryption to provide a dynamic password, different every time..  Thus, even if an onlooker sees the code without the key it is useless.  An eavesdropper on the line will also be foiled by the addition of point to point (symmetric or assymetric) encryption.  Most dynamic tokens use smart card technology with a two tier system for unbreakable security.

Smart card authentication will become the method of choice for transactions over the internet.  Using SET-2, digital certificates will be kept locked in the smart card for use as an authentication device.  When you call in to make a transaction whether it be a million dollars or ten dollars, the smart card will be used to secure the transaction.